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The legend of the stones - Onix (II)

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Onyx is one of the stones we place in place of honor - extremely refined, slightly masculine, Onyx exudes an indescribable sensuality. And this lush sensuality is not accidental - once we scroll through the pages of mythology, we will see that even this sensuality of the stone is justified. But let's start, as in history, with the beginning…


A stone and a metamorphosis

Do you think Onyx is a recent discovery by famous jewelers? Although this perspective is interesting, we have to cancel it - Onyx is an old stone "since the world" if we are allowed to use this expression from the people. That is, since the world, literally: and its legend is simply fascinated. Related to Greek mythology - which, by the way, don't you think is really resonant? - The legend of Onyx sounds like this.

In ancient Greece, Venus - the goddess of beauty, love and perfect sensuality - had lazy asleep on a couch. Her son, the god Cupid - about whom you probably already know a lot - decided to cut his nails. And for that, he used one of his arrows. When the goddess's nails touched the ground, they turned to stone - being obviously considered divine.

An incredible, sacred metamorphosis. This is how onyx was born - in ancient Greek, onyx means "nail". Now it is justified, isn't it, including the sensuality that this stone simply emanates - how other than sensual to be a stone that represents the sophisticated nails of the most beautiful of goddesses?

Onyx is a stone deeply related to divinity - and no, we are not referring to the connection with the Greek deities, but to the fact that we find the Onyx mentioned even in the Bible: "onyx stone" (Genesis, 2.12). Wearing Onyx is a permission to bring God closer to you - and we believe that this can only be divine.

I don't see God, but I feel Him everywhere near me. He is the one who gave me the opportunities, the people and the energy to lay the foundations of this brand - Anyoli. Every time I looked for answers, He gave them to me, every time I needed help, He gave it to me, and every time I needed listening and understanding, He was by my side. - Nadia Visan, the soul of Anyoli

Onyx, the stone of powerful people

Today, Onyx is an extremely beloved stone for its beauty - and not only. It is among the most loaded stones in terms of significance. Onyx is said to be the "stone of strong men," and its strongest property is to protect.

A stone of calm and balance at the same time, Onyx contributes to the release of stress, agitation and negative energies. It brings us, that is, an extra zen. And we all need that today. Onyx is associated with protection, optimism, intuition and concentration - "the power to stay where you need to be".

Legend has it that onyx is a power stone that provides support in less pleasant situations in life. It is a stone that helps confused people find the answers they need and also gives them the strength to find a solution in stressful situations. Onyx is also a talisman that helps resolve conflicts, providing a state of calm. - Nadia Visan

It is interesting to note that before, black and white onyx was not as popular as it is today - today we certainly love this black stone, but in the past, in Europe, black onyx was considered "a source of unrest and war." Colored onyx has always been adored.

Black onyx became popular, but with the reign of Queen Victoria - in modern England, Alteta ordered black onyx jewelry for both herself and her loved ones. And so, little by little, this magical stone begins to become more and more loved. And we can say that her legend is constantly evolving - the stories of the stones are woven daily, as long as we allow them to live through us, through the jewelry we wear.