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We share emotions for each soul.
Welcome! If you are here, we have something in common: we appreciate well-done things and pure emotions.

Jewelry with smart storage that come to life!

The innovation awarded with the silver medal at the Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days 2022

Jewelry with soul perfect for any occasion.

Unique technology in Romania that gives you the opportunity to upload emotions, moments and memories inside a piece of jewelry.

By simply bringing the jewelry to the smartphone, the messages come to life.

The messages inside the jewelry can be changed anytime, anywhere, as often as you want.

Unique gifts with fast delivery (1-3 days).

Handmade jewelry collections.

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Have you ever thought how it would be to give not just an object, but an entire story embedded in your gift?
Delivered emotions
"Unique memories are kept in the soul and in... my Anyoli jewel. The smart storage jewelry helped me to offer a part of my soul to the loved one. #shareyourlove"
Poliana, Bucharest
"Exceptional products, delivered flawlessly! Thanks to these wonderful innovations, I can have my loved ones near even when they are far away! I highly recommend!"
Iulia, Bucharest
"Anyoli jewelry are amazing! I have a chain from them that I really love! It is super fine, elegant, and the pendant with two faces (Onyx on one side, Madre Perla on the other) is suitable for any occasion. All their jewelry seems to me to be the most special gifts for women. They are truly magical and through them you know for sure that a piece of your soul will always be with your loved one. I recommend them from the bottom of my heart!"
Oana Alexandra, Buzau
"I gave my girlfriend an Anyoli bracelet as a gift. I have attached a video with the most beautiful moments spent together. It is really a special gift! She was pleasantly surprised and moved to tears! Thank you Anyoli! We need these emotions!"
Stefan, Bucharest
"Besides the fact that they are elegant, refined jewelry, they can be gifts with immense sentimental value for eternity. And if we talk about the services, they are impeccable: promptness, professionalism, seriousness!"
Silvia, Germany
"The chain I ordered is gorgeous, and the information in it is from the heart!"
Ana, Bucharest
"Refined jewelry for women with impeccable style. Fast UK delivery."
Valentin, Great Britain
"Immediate delivery in Germany. A small part of Bucharest has reached me!"
Denisa, Germany
"Anyoli brought the jewelry with soul exactly when I needed them the most. I gave it to a special person and now that jewel carries the most beautiful story (a 25-year-old story told in a few minutes)."
Ana, Iasi, Romania
"Anyoli Jewelry offers gifts with soul. When you receive an Anyoli jewel, you receive the emotion of the person who gave it to you."
Ana-Maria, Slatina, Romania
"Everything was spotless. From the packaging of the jewelry to the smallest details that came with the jewelry (gift box, bag, letter). Everything is much more than expected! I was really pleasantly surprised! Thank you, it's wonderful!"
Miruna, Brasov, Romania
"Anyoli is more than offering a jewel. It is the emotion of the feelings that your voice has and that lasts a lifetime. They give another meaning to the expression <<beauty comes from within>>."
Almona, Bucharest, Romania
"Anyoli is about the joy of giving, not jewelry, but living memories in jewelry with the help of technology. Can you think of a more valuable gift than the joy of memories, than a gesture by which you will always be with your loved ones?"
Elena, Bucharest, Romania
"You can choose an Anyoli Jewelry piece in which to upload a video message from you. I really liked getting something home."
Monica, Focsani