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We share emotions for each soul.
Welcome! If you are here, we have something in common: we appreciate well-done things and pure emotions.


We invite you to access the page to find out all the details about how the magic of our jewelry works and how we combined technology with art.
The entire Anyoli collection is innovative. Thus, all our products have implemented this technology, so that you can spread pure emotion and love with their help.
The maximum video size is 50MB, but if you want a larger video, please leave us a message and we will help you.
Each piece of jewelry, whether we are talking about different jewelry or the same kind, can be personalized differently.
Children are themselves emotion in a child's body. We have a special collection of products for them.
The technology inside the jewelry is waterproof, but we do not recommend wearing them in contact with water due to corrosive substances that can damage the jewelry.

We recommend:
Do not wear jewelry during housework.
Do not wear jewelry during physical activities/ massage sessions.
Avoid contact with chemicals, as they can erode the metal.
Precious metal can lose its brilliance over time if it frequently comes into contact with agents such as perfume, salt water, skin creams, hair fixatives, chlorine or sulfur.
Depending on the degree of use, we recommend that your jewelry be examined and cleaned by an expert jeweler at least once a year.
When we receive your order, you will automatically get a confirmation email. You will always be kept up to date with the status of the order.
We accept without any impediment the cancellation of the order until it has been processed by our team and the status of the order appears in the client account as "Processed". Once the order has been placed, cancellation is no longer possible, but you can return the product after you receive it. For return conditions, please access
Unfortunately, our policy of granting discounts is NOT cumulative. You can benefit the VIP discount OR the discount offered during the sales campaigns.
• Yellow Gold
• Black Gold
• Pink Gold
• White Gold
• Silver
Free yourself and the stone will choose you. Also, all products has a personalized description detailing the specific properties of each one.
Yes, there may be differences between what is seen on the site and the actual jewelry. Small differences can occur because they are 100% natural products.
Being 100% natural products, the color and texture can be different.
Yes, but the idea pursued by Anyoli is for you to remain in people's memory and to give life to jewelry.
It is possible to create a new product on request, but the minimum order must be 10 pieces. To set up a meeting with the designer, we invite you to write to us at the e-mail address [email protected].