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We share emotions for each soul.
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Messages for the soul

Because we know what a burden it is to miss someone, because we felt it too, because we also have moments when we want to run away from reality in that special place where we keep our most precious memories, we gave life to the Anyoli Romania brand. Through it, we manage to make the longing more bearable through a unique and personalized method according to each person and more than that, full of the emotion of that special place. Imagine what it would be like to be able to give a part of yourself, so that at any moment the most important person in your life can have you close to her soul at just a simple touch of the jewelry to the phone.


Baptism is the most important event in a person's life. This, in almost all Christian confessions, represents the way to enter in the Christian community. Taking into account the grandeur of the baptism, we are sure that the parents, the godparents and all the guests will have many unique moments. That is exactly why, we encourage you to choose Anyoli jewelry as baptism gift for everyone, in which parents can upload pictures, videos or personalized messages for each person to thank them for being there on this day.

Also, Anyoli can be a gift even for the little baby from his parents. Loaded with some memories from the baptism until the age at which he can understand the meaning of this gift, the jewel can be a real portal to the precious memories.


For children baptized in the Catholic faith, the first communion represents a truly special moment: a confirmation that the little one is prepared and has come to truly understand the values of the faith. The first communion is full of faith, love and emotion. Such an important moment requires a special gift for the child. Because it is a unique moment in a person's life, a smart storage jewelry is a special gift, especially if it will be loaded with the moments from the ceremony.


When it comes to birthdays or name days, we always have a hard time choosing the perfect gift. Because we want it to be a part of us. Our jewelry is a perfect and unique birthday gift. A virtual hug when distance may separate you, a good thought for less smiling days or a heartfelt wish for the people who have a special place in our hearts. You can upload any type of message (picture, text, video, audio, link or document of any kind) and you can change it anytime, anywhere, so that you can make "birthday" on any day that at first glance seems ordinary.


Because a child is the essence of life, imagine how much emotion you would give him if, upon reaching the age of 18, the age that marks the transition from adolescent life to building a beautiful adult one, you would give him nothing more but an Anyoli jewel in which to find pictures or videos from all the 18 years of his life; from the first picture to the first steps. From the first tear to the strong smile that he has now. From the first gangurit to the first "mommy". From colici to the first tooth. From the first bath to swimming lessons. From the first summer to the first snow.


For any of us there is that person we can put our trust 100%, apart from parents or brothers /sisters. That person with who you can be yourself and with who you can't wait to spend time, to have those endless conversations that will never be forgotten. For every holiday, for every less happy moment you shared together and for every moment when you all knew you could count on each other, the Anyoli friendship bracelet highlights this indestructible bond between best friends. Because together you get through everything better.


Graduation is an important moment in the life of any person. In addition to all the work done, during college we collect hundreds of beautiful moments together with those friendships that will never break. That's exactly why we thought of smart storage jewelry as a wonderful, joyful graduation gift. What can be more beautiful than a group of friends who carry close to their souls those emotions they shared in all the years of college, in all the sessions and courses they attended?


There are many options when it comes to a marriage proposal. Regardless of whether it happens in an exotic place, at the sea or in the mountains, in the privacy of your home or with family and friends, choose to be unique. Imagine what it would be like that the engagement ring, once scanned with the mobile phone to reveal the big question? "Do you want to be my wife?" or "Will you marry me?" sounds much better and has a different impact spoken through a jewel. And not any jewelry, a smart storage one.

Whether it's about engagement, paper wedding, silver or gold wedding, these are events that deserve to be celebrated in the most beautiful way. Through Anyoli jewelry, you can upload a collage with pictures of the spouses or a video with wishes from all the relatives. It is at the same time a unique gift, but also a strong bond between you.


Perhaps the most beautiful day in a woman's life, the wedding day is a real occasion of joy where tears of happiness are actually the nectar of love. Of eternal love, of a love that will never be consumed, but will grow, every day, more and more. The union of 2 souls has always been highlighted as an event so pure and with such a great emotional charge, that the wedding memory must always be kept alive.

To ensure that these moments will be kept close to the heart, an Anyoli jewel can be offered to the bride by the groom or parents on this special day, in which the most beautiful photos of the event or the dance of the bride and groom can be uploaded.

Also, the jewelry is suitable to be given to the in-laws as a sign of thanks for all the help and love they have shared every day or even to the bridesmaids/ best man to mark the wonderful day with unique vows.

For those who want to preserve tradition, Anyoli smart storage jewelry is an ideal choice for the moment when the happy couple chooses their godparents. Inside the pendant, a video can be loaded in which the bride and groom express their desire to be married by those 2 people.

A unique jewel for a unique day.


What greater miracle can take place in this world than when a human being grows inside you? When for 9 months 2 hearts beat in the same body and together, they compose a music that you want to listen to forever. Because we know how much love fits in a mother's heart, how much devotion and attention a woman can offer when she becomes a mother, it is nice to find a unique way to show the future mother that we are with her. Thus, we suggest you to offer the future mothers in your life a piece of smart storage jewelry in which the sound of happiness can be engraved forever: the baby's heartbeat, along with a picture of the ultrasound. Years from now, when the baby turns into a teenager, these memories will make the mother relive a unique moment.

Also, these jewels can be a gift from you as a woman to you as a future mother. You can upload everything you want, whether it's ultrasounds, pictures during pregnancy or videos when the baby moves in the belly. Magic, isn't it?


We always want to be with them. We want to be their trust and support, courage and strength. We know everything about them and since they appear in our lives, everything changes for the better. A child's smile is pure happiness, and their hug is the energy we need. Because any parent wants to always remain the support point of a child, Anyoli jewelry is the right messenger to send the parents' love and comforting words. Wherever we are and whatever we do, we can be with children by giving them a jewel with intelligent storage. Thus, we will be able to send a part of us to wherever our children are.