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Special gift ideas for women

Data: 10/11/2021 | Reading time: 12 minutes | Views: 14778

Wife. Mother. Best friend. Sister. The women in our lives govern us to a great extent - we are what we are (or, rather, who we are) thanks to them. That's why it's worth the best - and when it comes to gifts for women, we need to make sure we live up to the highest standards.

But… if he has everything? If the woman in your life has everything, all you have to do is give her everything and something extra. The secret to a special gift? Make an effort and show that you care. Even if it seems easy, you will see that you will be surprised by asking yourself "and yet, what should I give her as a gift?", That's why we come to your aid with gift ideas for women. Delicate, elegant, powerful that inspires and motivates. We know this is how women are in your life, so let's help you make them the right gift.


What are the most important details in choosing a gift for woman and girls?

First of all, we need to consider some more "technical" aspects of gifts. You can find out the most important details in choosing a gift if you answer, mentally or on paper, the following questions:

  • how old is she? You will have to take a different gift for someone 17 years old and for someone 49 years old, for example.
  • what are her passions? Maybe she likes adrenaline or prefers relaxation at home. Is she cooking? Reading?
  • what needs does she have and did she mention it to you? Maybe the old laptop broke down and she kept telling you that countless times.
  • what does she want?

We know - what women want is not exactly the question you want to ask yourself - but think about it as honestly as possible. You may, without realizing it, have already mentioned to your wife countless times that she craves a vacation for two. A spontaneous but calculated citybreak.

Gifts for the lady taking into account the occasion

Another aspect to keep in mind when making a gift is the occasion - of course, the best gifts are the ones you make… anytime! Without any opportunity. But simply because it's worth it. But the important occasions in her life should not be missed either, so here are the gifts to make depending on the occasion:


Birthday/ name gift ideas for women

Saint Anne or Mary? Or maybe it's just her birthday. Birthday / name is the best occasion to make a gift. The most important thing to do: do not procrastinate the gift. When it comes to gift ideas for her, the worst thing you can do is postpone buying the gift - so make sure you make a shopping plan ahead of time.

Then, think about what unique gifts for her you could choose: take into account her desires, but also her lifestyle and passions. If she is passionate about makeup, give her the latest news from her favorite brand or a self-makeup course. If you make a symbolic gift, make sure it has a story - what about a necklace that reminds them, literally, of you? Smart jewelry is the ideal gift for such an occasion, because it generates memories. And there is no dust over memories.

Gifts for women for March 1 and 8 March

Even if March 1st and 8th don't seem as important occasions as her anniversary, these days don't just have to pass - make sure you offer a different martisor. What if the traditional bouquet of flowers you offer was accompanied by a pair of earrings? The elegant, delicate, playful woman will enjoy a fine jewel in her collection.

Gifts for her on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, love floats in the air - you feel from head to toe the desire for affection, to spend time together. And the butterflies in the stomach seem to have gone even crazier, don't they?

That's why the gift you make now must be unique, intimate, to be a secret story known only to you two - a smart pendant, which, when you touch it with your phone, it reads your declaration of love. Or see her favorite picture with you. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? Simple, and yet here is how a tear appears, shy, in the corner of the eye.

Unique Christmas gifts for women

For Christmas, be better, more loving, more generous! Choose to make meaningful gifts this year. What if you gave up "classic" gifts, at least for this holiday? Even if your girlfriend or mother loves bags and perfumes, maybe this Christmas you should move on to the next level. Give a story as a gift - a memory.

How about a day at the spa (because your wife, mom, sister deserve it) or a citybreak for two for your half? Over time, these gifts are worth infinitely more. Or a smart gem - which digitally stores a text, photo or video memory. A story in a jewel.

Unique Ester gifts for women

The Easter Bunny is one of the traditions that is beautiful to keep - for the simple reason that it creates the perfect context to give even more than we have done so far - if you are looking for gifts for Easter, ask yourself the following question : what could I give small but impactful? Because Easter creates an opportunity for a less expensive gift.

You will need to invest more in an anniversary gift than an Easter gift, for example. In fact, you don't "have to" - that's what you should want. For Easter, you can give as a gift a watch, a perfect spring perfume or a smart piece of jewelry - it's time to wear thinner and thinner clothes, so our jewelry will shine beautifully in the sun.

Gifts for women depending on age

And age is an essential coordinate to keep in mind - a gift for your 16-year-old sister will be different from a gift for a 40-year-old woman. So is there the perfect gift for her? There is! Let's see how we choose the ideal gift for her depending on her age.


Gifts for 20 year old women

Is your girlfriend, sister or wife 20 years old? It's perhaps the most effervescent age of all - what a sound word! This effervescence must be seen in the gift you make. Opt for a unique gift, an experience, for something captivating and full of adrenaline - make a different gift!

If you offer a piece of jewelry, choose a smart piece of jewelry that will store your first memory together. Maybe it's even a photo of you taken on high school benches. How about this?

Gifts ideas for 30 year old women

30 years already sounds more mature, right? More elegant and refined than at 20, but still young. This is how your gift should be: full of fresh energy. 30 years is also the age when women start to dress differently and can wear jewelry - certainly, many of the women in your life received their first watch at 30 years old.

Gifts for 40 year old women

At 40, elegance is at home - sophistication, too. Therefore, the ideal gift for 40-year-old women must be bathed in elegance and wisdom. For us, pearls are the most sublime definition of elegance - so now you can consider a pearl jewelry for the woman you give as a gift.

Gifts for 50 year old women

50 years, still an age that crystallizes elegance, comes with new challenges and imposes the wise choice of gift - what do women really want at 50? Many, of course, but among the winning answers is relaxation. You worked a lifetime, you raised, maybe, a child or two. You built a business, you built a house. So you deserve to relax… at the most luxurious spa, for example - here's a gift idea. Or you deserve a subscription to a beauty service.

Gifts for 60 year old ladies

The age of wisdom and his "I went through it all", the 60-year-old ladies deserve a gift that will restore their peace - new problems are beginning to be seen on the horizon: health is no longer at home. Energy, neither does she. Therefore, try to make a gift that improves these examples: a professional massage chair or, why not, a massage session at the spa.

Right now it's the age when memories matter more than ever - so give a memory as a gift: a necklace with a story, a pendant that says "thank you" or some earrings that say, shy "forgive me for making such a mistake ”.

Gifts for women considering the relationship between you

Once you've set your budget and thought ahead of time to buy the perfect gift for the women in your life, it's time for the next challenge: to choose the right gift based on your relationship. In other words, you won't buy your sister what you buy from your wife, will you?


Gifts for girlfriend or wife

Your life partner, for better or for worse, deserves only the best - when it comes to special gifts for ladies, your wife / girlfriend must be the most perfect! We know that there is no "most perfect" as the correct form of expression, but it still illustrates what the gift for the wife should be. It's always a challenge to give her a present - but show that you are really attentive to her needs and desires.

Maybe he already told you that he would like a bag from a certain company or that he could throw away the jewelry box, because it's a bit empty. In the most subtle way, he has already told you what he wants - you just have to be attentive and listen, not just listen. Or maybe she has told you countless times that she is no longer satisfied with the quality of the photos on the phone or that a vacation would make her the happiest woman in the world. But the happiest woman in the world will not make a vacation - you will.

Gifts for mothers

My mother deserves the strongest, most sincere and emotional "thank you". That you were here, that you held my hand, that you educated me. That you loved me even when I didn't love myself, maybe, right? Therefore, the gift for the mother must always be a truly spectacular one - the mother deserves everything and nothing less.

Think of giving him a trip as a gift, a new laptop (from which you can talk more often on video), maybe even the perfume he wore in his youth. If you want an even more spectacular gift, choose a personalized piece of jewelry - such as if, when he touched the bracelet on his phone with his phone, the picture with you would appear on the phone as a child? Or even the message "thank you, mom!"?

Gift ideas for daughters

Your daughter - probably energetic, sometimes rebellious and rebellious, always a challenge, a delicate and perfect one - deserves a gift that says "I love you even when you drive me crazy." No matter how old she is, your daughter will always be your gentle and kind child - when you give her a gift, you especially take into account her passions.

Maybe she's passionate about books - give her a generous voucher at her favorite bookstore or a subscription to an ebooks / audiobooks app. Show him that you pay attention to what he likes, to the things he talks about.

Gift ideas for niece

Whether you have children or not, we all know that your niece becomes, from birth, your daughter - you are a kind of spiritual parent. It is important to make symbolic, yet personalized, gifts that show that you will always take care of them.

Pay attention to her passions and desires that she mentions - often children go to their uncles and aunts every time they want something and "jump" on their parents. Like only uncles do their best.

Gifts for sister/ sister-in-low

Your sister and sister-in-law are the women you run to the first time you hit the bar, right? And with your sister you probably have the most beautiful and crazy childhood memories. Give them a gift that suggests elegance, pay attention to their needs and don't be afraid to ask them what they would like. But don't forget - with a piece of jewelry you never fail.

Gifts for colleague/ boss 

You spend more than 8 hours a day with your boss and colleagues, most likely, so you should know them relatively well - and you can certainly hear them from behind your laptop saying "what would I like this bag!". Or this pair of earrings. So, the most important thing to keep in mind - to open your ears. A new wallet, a watch, a thermos mug for the office are just three gift ideas that will make your colleagues happy.


Gift ideas for godmother/ god-daughter

Your godmother or sweetheart are your trusted friends, certainly always there when you need them - well, when you give them a gift, think about the things they would like but "can't stand giving" the money on them ”. Women often do this - they don't put themselves first. It could be some new headphones, a piece of jewelry or a bag.

Gift ideas for girls

Girls, young women, teenagers are a real challenge - don't forget that young women often want the "latest trend", so try to keep up with fashion or beauty trends. If she is passionate about make-up, give her a luxury make-up palette or a self-make-up course. If she is passionate about fashion, with a voucher at an online store you can't go wrong.


What gift can you give to a pregnant woman?

A pregnant woman shines - and she needs equally bright gifts! So, make sure you eventually buy her gifts that will remind her of this period - a personalized piece of jewelry with her and her baby is perhaps one of the most favorite gift ideas. Baby gifts will also make the future mother happy, but don't neglect her wishes and needs.


Gifts you should NEVER give to a woman

Now that we've discussed what gifts are perfect for the women in your life, let's give you a reminder of the things you should NEVER give to a woman:

  • superficial gifts: for example, do not buy earrings if she does not have holes in her ears: you will show that you are not paying any attention to small details;
  • cheap symbolic gifts: no, no one wants a personalized mug;
  • clothes, if you don't know the exact measure: you will hit her if you buy a dress in size XXL, and your partner wears M, don't you think?
  • gifts you would like to receive: a game console will certainly not be the gift your wife expects.


Why give a smart storage jewelry as a gift for a woman?

And there's always room for a drop of magic, don't you think? Therefore, here are the reasons why you should also make a smart jewel as a gift:

  • tell a story known only to you and her
  • in the future, it becomes an absolutely memorable memory
  • it is a unique and intimate gift, the story of which only you two know
  • it's the perfect definition of "I put in the time and effort"
  • you show that you are really thinking about her
  • conveys emotion and weaves stories.