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Christmas gift ideas for mom

Data: 08/12/2021 | Reading time: 8 minutes | Views: 11677

You know that word - no matter how old you are, you're still a child for your mother? It doesn't matter how old you are - your mother will continue to take care of you - in one way or another. Did you know, for example, that in the Christian faith it is said that a mother's prayer for her children is the strongest type of prayer that exists?

Well, by virtue of this unique relationship in our lives - the strength of which we can only understand when we, in turn, are parents - we have gathered in the following lines a guide to Christmas gifts for my mother. The story of Anyoli is built on generosity and on the celebration of the relationships and connections we have and which, in the end, are part of our identity.

That's why finding a special gift for mom can be difficult, especially when - if she's like our moms - she'll never tell you exactly what she wants or says she already has it all - which is why we've put together gift ideas for my mother, to make sure, as professional givers - that you managed to make her smile for the holidays.


Important recommendations in choosing a Christmas gift for mom

Broadly speaking, some valid strategies to make sure you choose a suitable gift for your mother are:

  • play it safe: go for what you already know he likes
  • me time: give him what you saw he didn't have a whole life. Mothers have immense power and capacity for sacrifice, and even if you are not aware, there are certainly many more things he has given up to be good for his child. And, most likely, he often gave up self-care. So, don't be put off by massage treats, trips, a visit to a special restaurant.
  • your time: once you become an adult, the relationship and time spent with your mother decreases. Many times, we give up visiting parents to honor (another) dead-line, and mothers wait. They are always waiting for us - to respect our adult identity and the rhythm of life, they will not call us, they will not bother us, they will not ask us to come. "Whenever you can, I'll wait for you." - sounds familiar? If so, then break a day out of your life and spend it with your mother. Help her with the Christmas cleaning, cook the meal together as in childhood, go to the mountains or to a massage salon or take a city break.
  • your heart: give him a gift from the heart, a living gift. And in this regard, we at Anyoli are experts. We specially created the concept of the living gift - to highlight the importance of the idea of ​​giving with all your being, as if you were sending a piece of yourself to be a companion to the one you care so much about.

If you are wondering "what does a living gift mean?", Here is the answer: such a gift is digitally personalized with a text message, photo, video, etc. Practically, every gift you find on our site, uses a patented technology, which allows you to see the message that the gift carries by just scanning the jewelry with the phone.

Let's translate it into a concrete example: give your mother a smart necklace. All she has to do is touch the jewelry with the phone and then a message will appear on the screen, the symbolism of which only you and she will know, thus appearing an emotion that the words do not have. I can describe. Such a gift means pampering: to say, subtly, "I want you to remember me every day." He will reach for the necklace and suddenly the moment you gave it to him will appear. Sounds good, we know.

Christmas gift ideas for mother or mother-in-low depending on age

Whoever has mothers-in-law knows what we're talking about - although we hope that the relationship you have with your mothers-in-law will be as good as the ones you have with your mothers. To help you identify the right gift, we have left some ideas on how it would be good, indicative, to build your battle plan according to age.


Christmas gifts for mothers aged 30-40

Attention to fathers in this case - if the mothers are 30-40 years old, it means that the children can be from a few months to 14-15 years old, in exceptional cases they can reach 18-20 years old. So, we have active, busy mothers, involved in the raising process. In this case, remember a detail - you will never know what he is going through, do not assume that he feels the same as you - simply think that he needs, like everyone, recognition, proof that his efforts are seen. and appreciated. So, go in this direction and see what comes out - what hasn't he done in a long time and wants?

And here, the variants are multiple: from a massage session, to a city break; from a book he (may) be able to read to a jewel with smart storage. Our favorite for mothers is, of course, any jewelry with Mother of Pearl. See here more about our necklaces with natural pearls and semi-precious stones.

Christmas gifts for mothers aged 40-50

Mothers are always super-mothers, but those aged 40-50 have brought this attribute to the rank of art. Always prepared with an inspirational quote and a cream soup to gain strength. Always eager and ready to listen to us and prepared with exceptionally wise advice. That's how you learned to brush your teeth, to complete what you started, to go to the dentist, to eat healthy and to always have sunscreen. Of course, from this point of view, and not only, it deserves everything that is better in return. Try to give him a new gadget - a vibrator, a smart cup; a designer decorative object, a pair of furry slippers, a cashmere coat or leather gloves with which the smartphone can be buttoned; crystal wine glasses, a smart air purifier, a set of votive candles or a jewelry with smart storage.

We also recommend that you immerse yourself in the universe of our jewelry with smart storage - especially in the galaxy Full Moon collection - since the Moon is the planet that symbolizes motherhood and femininity :). We are sure that you have a strong message to send to your mother, our jewelry is waiting for you ready to become a messenger of your feelings.


Christmas gifts for +60 year old mom

Buying gifts for your mother who is over 60 can be a challenge, you have chosen if you tend to consider yourself that with age, the area of ​​action you can do begins to become more and more limited. If when you were little, she pampered you, how is it time to return the favor - a bathrobe from a luxury range, a set of shower gels and bath oils, niche scented candles, sole massage device , smart gadgets to help you more easily manage the challenges of age (for example, Google Nest can be set to remember the hours you need to take your medication, a sleep assistant - you can find it on Amazon, it works with sounds combined with lights so as to induce sleep).

Or, in the same way, you could give her an Anyoli jewel, with smart storage - enter the categories dedicated to chains or necklaces with natural pearls and see what would suit her. Don't forget - these jewels become invaluable only after you try a message from the heart in them. Enter the section dedicated to the operation mode to more easily understand the magic of Anyoli.


Christmas gift ideas for mother-in-low depending on the period of the relationship

If you have reached this section, it means that you are aware of the importance of the presence of your mother-in-law in married life - after all, in our lives two people remain fundamental - mothers - you and your partner. The gifts you give to your mother-in-law should be adapted to the relationship period - there are suitable gifts for the beginning of the relationship, for the first year of the relationship or for after the first years of marriage / relationship.


Christmas presents for mother-in-low if it's your first date

You want to make a good impression, but at the same time, you want not to exaggerate and to offer an inappropriate gift - too pretentious, too expensive, perhaps suitable for the moments when your relationship becomes stronger. Try to find out what her hobbies are and adapt them: like your mother, she would surely like to relax, to have more time for dancing, to enjoy the free time she finally has at her disposal. . So, you can't go wrong with a set of niche scented candles, a set of silk bed linen, a massage session at a spa or a knitted poncho. You can also try with a piece of jewelry, especially if you know that she is an assiduous wearer, but be careful not to exaggerate and misinterpret your gesture.


Christmas for mother-in-low in the first year of relationship

To go safe, choose gifts for the house - scented candles, in delicate colors and with various flavors, arranged in beautifully decorated jars; pots with favorite plants - large or small, colored or mono-chrome; table accessories - he certainly tried to prepare Christmas goodies, so it would be a good idea to offer him the accessories to arrange the table where you will enjoy all these traditional dishes.


Christmas gifts for mother-in-low after the first years of relationship/ marriage 

Already, at this point, you know what his tastes are, you know what his lifestyle is - what he likes and what he doesn't. So, be careful, any gift you give her will either help her or pleasantly surprise her. A silk pajama, a trip for a few days, a cooking set or even a smart cooking device, a personalized calendar or, even better, a jewel with smart charging - as you can only find at Anyoli.

Stay with yourself for a few minutes and try to find the words or images that you think you would enjoy and that you would always like to have close by. As for the jewelry that would suit you, you have where to be inspired - with pearls, semiprecious stones, gold or silver, our gallery is waiting for you.

Christmas presents that you should NEVER give your mother

We know - mothers are content with almost anything, it is important to know that we have thought about them. But from our point of view, this is the biggest mistake you can make - to believe that "any attention is right." In this case, it is enough to buy her a pencil and tell her that you have thought of her. What does it sound like? As if you didn't show interest. It is difficult to identify gifts that you will never give him, what we can tell you is how to make the gifts so that they are the right gifts:

  • give time and respect the process of discovering the gift: do not leave on the last hundred meters, do not postpone, do not consider that "you are sure to find something";
  • talk to her and try to guess from the conversation what she would like;
  • you know her best - think about what she really wanted in your childhood, but give up every time? A pair of suede boots? A visit to the theater? Or at the beauty salon? A cooking superset? Changed bathroom tiles? No matter how flat it sounds to us - this type of desire is important to her, try to fulfill it;
  • he avoids assuming that she already has everything she wants - but she doesn't even insist in an unpleasant way. Don't give him a set of tests or a visit to the doctor to pay for. Try to refrain from reminding them.
  • anchor her in a different reality, in which she takes care of herself and enjoys every moment she lives with her loved ones - take her to a spa or a salon, to an exhibition or on a short trip; give her a cooking masterclass or a wine tasting as a gift. Try to show her the beauty of life through your gifts.


Christmas presents that you should NEVER give to your mother-in-low

Our recommendation is to value your relationship with your mother-in-law and refer to it as the relationship you have with your mother. So, choose the gift for your mother-in-law with the same dedication and care with which you choose the one for your mother. Avoid giving him tools if you know he's not a fan of cooking. Or gadgets that would confuse her more than help her. We do not believe that there are gifts that you should never give to your mother-in-law, but only hastily chosen gifts - so with patience and a little intuition you can't go wrong.


Why give a smart storage jewelry as a Christmas gift to your mother?

Anyoli is a messenger of emotions, of happiness, and the purpose of this brand is to help people connect and declare their feelings. There are people all over the world looking to give something unique. Even if the perfect gift does not exist, there are methods by which what you give becomes perfect. And what can be more beautiful and original than to offer a part of your soul with the object you choose? In the case of Anyoli, the object being a jewel made of precious and semi-precious materials, an intelligent jewel, which can be personalized indefinitely and which can include, as a story stretched over the years and pages, the beautiful moments of your relationship. How we do this, you can find out here.

Often, we do not find the words to express the essentials. That's why Anyoli takes on this challenge and turns it into an invaluable moment.