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Gifts from March 1-8. Gift ideas for Martisor and Women's Day

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The beginning of spring brings us not only more warmth, but also more good mood. Nature wakes up to life, the sun's rays smile at us more and more often, the snowdrops start to shyly come out of the ground, and all these events must be marked accordingly, with a bouquet of seasonal flowers and a symbolic gift. If for birthdays it is easier for us to find a suitable gift, on Martisor or Women's Day we are often confused. So, below we will give you some unique gift ideas for such occasions.


What gifts are given on March 8?

If you are looking for March 8 gift ideas, it would be good to pay attention to the following information because they will be useful in choosing the gift. Any gift must be chosen depending on the relationship you have with that person (from this point of view we can talk about formal or less formal gifts), the age of the person you want to surprise, the passions he has or desires.

Some ideas for March 8 gifts, suitable for all women, are:

  • jewelry (on you will find a wide range of special jewelry)
  • flowers (you can opt for a bouquet of flowers or an arrangement)
  • perfumes (only if you know the person's tastes)
  • clothing items (only if you know exactly what item of clothing or accessory he wants)
  • symbolic gifts: a photo frame with a favorite photo, a dinner in your favorite restaurant, movie or theater tickets, etc.

Choosing the right gift for March 1-8 taking into account the relationship

The relationship you have with the woman you want to surprise with martisor or women's birthday gifts matters a lot in choosing the gift. For example, you can give your mother your favorite perfume as a gift on March 1, but for your co-worker with whom you do not have a very close relationship, you should think of a formal gift - a flower, a fine chocolate or a martisor with a spring message.

Mother's Day Gifts Ideas (March 8)

My mother is the most important person in our lives, and the day of March 8 is entirely dedicated to her. If you are looking for a suitable mother March 8 gift, we have some suggestions for you:

  • go on a citybreak together in a city where you know your mother wants to get there for a long time
  • offer him a day of relaxation in a SPA
  • offer him a jewel with a stone with a strong symbolism
  • give her a painted picture of her family's favorite photo
  • write her a letter - tell her all the reasons why you admire her, what you have learned from her all these years and why you are grateful.

All these March 8 gifts for mom must be accompanied by a bouquet of seasonal flowers or an arrangement with your favorite flowers. Only then will the experience be complete. In addition, all mothers love flowers.

March 8 gifts for girlfriend or wife

If you are looking for March 8 gifts for your girlfriend or wife, we tell you what is the starting point - her passions. Challenge her to dedicate this day to the development of her hobbies. Enroll her in a painting class, a cooking workshop or a personal development coaching class. Find that field that makes her happy and give her a special experience. Of course, if your girlfriend or wife loves jewelry, you can surprise her with a necklace or a pair of special earrings.

 Women's Day and March 1 gifts for mother-in-law

If you want to surprise your mother-in-law with a special gift for Women's Day and March 1, the safest option is the combination of flowers and a box of fine chocolates. If you have a close relationship with your mother-in-law and you know that she would like something specific - maybe an appliance or another practical object in the house, you can add it to your shopping list. It is better to go safe than sorry for a gift that does not suit him.

Women's Day and March 1 gifts for sister or sister-in-law

You can choose the gift for your sister or sister-in-law according to her passions. If she loves to sit in the kitchen and delight you with all kinds of cake recipes, you can buy her equipment to make her work easier in the kitchen or you can enroll her in a pastry or confectionery course, if you know she wants to deepen this domain. Other gift ideas suitable for your sister or sister-in-law are: a massage at the SPA, a piece of jewelry, flowers, a piece of clothing she wants, a perfume, a special bag, etc.

Women's Day and March 1 gifts for godmother or bride

The relationship between grandparents and godparents is similar to that between parents and children - after all, godparents are said to be the spiritual parents of grandchildren, right? We can therefore assume that the relationship you have is a close and close one. This means that the relationship you have is a close and close one. This means that you already know what is on the wish list of the godmother or the fine. All you have to do is tick off the list the thing you want the most - it could be a bag from a famous designer, a pair of earrings seen in a store window or an expensive perfume.

Women's Day gifts for manager or co-worker

If Women's Day catches you at the office, you need to prepare properly, with a gift for the manager or for co-workers. Most of the time, we are talking about gifts with a lower, symbolic value. A bouquet of snowdrops, a box of candy, a martisor with a message or a book are among the most common gifts offered at work.

March 1-8 gifts for teachers, educators and teachers

There is a tradition in schools and kindergartens - students must give teachers, teachers and teachers a small gift on March 1 and 8, as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. Here are some March 8 gift ideas for the teacher: a greeting card made by the child, a bouquet of flowers, a fine chocolate, a handmade martisor with a special symbolism. These examples can also be applied when it comes to March 8 gift ideas for educators or teachers. Expensive gifts are not recommended to be offered in such situations so as not to be misinterpreted. In the field of education, these March 8 gifts for teachers with special symbolism will always be appreciated.

Martisor gifts ideas

"Martisoarele" are the most suitable gifts for March 1 because they symbolize the coming of spring. However, we do not recommend you to opt for the classic trinkets, which are found everywhere, if you want to stand out and pleasantly surprise a person. Choose special, handmade trinkets that send a strong message, or replace them with a piece of jewelry that can be worn all year round - a stone brooch or a delicate pendant can be the perfect Martisor gifts for a mom, a girlfriend or a girlfriend. special friend.

De ce sa oferi o bijuterie inteligenta cadou de Martisor?

If you want to really surprise an important person in your life with a personalized gift, we recommend smart jewelry. You can choose any jewelry from the collection on and personalize it with a written message, a picture, a video, a link or even a document. The person receiving the jewel can also view the attached message by just touching the jewelry with the phone. It is a unique, modern gift, but at the same time full of sentimental value. You can choose a stone with a special symbolism (for example, the Mother of Pearl stone symbolizes love and prosperity) and you can strengthen this symbolism with a message full of emotion. Find out more about how these smart jewelry works.

Such a jewel can save you when March 1 or March 8 is approaching, but on any other occasion when you want to surprise an important person in your life. Choose wisely and you will never fail with such a gift!