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Long necklace with natural pearls, 14K yellow gold, circle pendant, 9K yellow gold, Howlite stone

AAA 0.6 cm pearls, yellow gold detachable mini pendant, Dimensions: necklace length: 80cm, mini chain length: 8.5cm, stone size: 1.8cm
650.00 EUR
Code: E6FDF0FA
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This natural pearl necklace is anchored with a detachable mini pendant in yellow gold and Howlite stone. Pearls have a beneficial effect on personal development, offering self-esteem and self-confidence, removing fear. Because they are an image of love, these special stones can also make their mark in the couple's life, offering loyalty and compassion, to which they sprinkle with abundant love and sincerity.
Howlite is by definition a stone of calm that promotes the release of negative emotions such as anxiety, fear or nervous tension. The energy transmitted by the Howlite stone is also associated with the shade it has, because white symbolizes the innocence, purity and especially the power of a soul to fight. We do not choose the stone from a jewel, but the stone chooses our soul.
All our products are handmade, so that the emotion reaches you through our care and attention to detail. However, there may be differences in color or texture between the prototype and the final product ordered. Emotions are felt differently and the uniqueness of people, just like in our jewelry, is highlighted by this.
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