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Adjustable bracelet, circle pendant, 9K yellow gold, Onyx and Anyolite stones, waxed black silk thre

Weight: 10 gr, Diameter of central stone: 1.45 cm, Diameter of side stones: 0.6 cm
140.00 180.00 EUR

Availability: In stock

Code: 74E3200A
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For this jewel, 2 special stones join forces to form a special aura: Onyx and Anyolite.

Legends say that Onyx is the stone of power, that provides support in less pleasant situations in life. It is a stone that helps confused people find the answers they need and also give them the strength to find a solution in life situations that cause stress. Onyx is also a talisman that helps resolve conflicts, providing a state of calm.

What do you choose between reason and feeling? The storm of feelings that arises after choosing which side should dominate the "reason-feeling" balance has been a controversial topic over the years. A topic discussed by all, but not understood by anyone. Because no one can know exactly what you feel or what is best for both your soul and your mind. Therefore, searching and observing, the spiritual properties of an almost magical stone were discovered through its aesthetics, the Anyolite stone, the symbol of balance. Anyolite improves the energetic and neural connections between the brain and the heart. The stone restores the balance between mind and heart and above all, it helps you get rid of the feelings of guilt that we often all feel.
Anyolite is a stone that gives birth to the empathy and care for the needs of others, but without forgetting the personal ones.

The silk thread is waxed, which gives the bracelets a long lasting resistance. In addition, the material is non-allergic, and can be worn by anyone on a daily basis. Handmade product.
All our products are handmade, so that the emotion reaches you through our care and attention to detail. However, there may be differences in color or texture between the prototype and the final product ordered. Emotions are felt differently and the uniqueness of people, just like in our jewelry, is highlighted by this.
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