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We share emotions for each soul.
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Exchange and return conditions

We believe that the only case in which you want to return a gift with soul is when it has no soul - which is not the case here. Honestly, we believe so much in the power of our jewelry that we want to be no return.

How long do the products have warranty?

The metal part and the stone have a 12-month warranty. The technology that makes possible the magic inside the jewelry has a guarantee of 100,000 scans or to be precise... for life.

However, if it happens, the return or replacement can be made within 30 days. You need the gift guarantee and the tax receipt proving the purchase. What you can request:
- exchange of the product with another product, of equal or bigger value.
- exchange of the product with an equivalent amount voucher.
- refund (which is made in maximum 7 working days)

Please take these aspects into account when you want to make a return:
- the warranty does not include precious or semi-precious stones that are part of jewelry.
- if you notice operation problems, in maximum 48 hours you can request the return of the product. The product must be sent in the original packaging, together with the original documents of the respective transaction. In this case, we can replace it with an identical or similar one. If, unfortunately, it shows signs of wear or damage, there is nothing we can do