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TOP Birthday / name day gift ideas for women and men

Data: 08/11/2021 | Reading time: 10 minutes | Views: 4476

Birthday / name day is the ideal occasion to give a gift - of course, we can do this for no reason, but a birthday creates the perfect context to make more gifts. Those around us - whether we are talking about mother, father, wife or boyfriend - contribute to all our successes, to the people we are today.

Therefore, when it is the day of those around us, it is our duty to offer them, simply, a sincere "thank you" from the heart. So, if you are looking for gift ideas for men or… birthday gift ideas for women, you have come to the right place: we have put together the guide you need for the ideal gift.


How do you choose the perfect gift for a birthday or name day?

When choosing a gift for her or a gift for him, you must take into account several aspects: the personality of the "recipient", his passions, his age and the relationship between the two of you. And here are two more things to keep in mind:

  • set the budget in advance and make a gift plan; make sure you make an effort and do not take a superficial gift.
  • prepare the gift in time and do not procrastinate until the last moment.


Birthday/ name day gifts ideas for women considering the social relationship

Let's visualize the following situation: you want to give her a gift - it can be about mother, girlfriend or wife. But what to buy from a woman who seems to have everything? To the question "what do women want?" we haven't found an answer yet, but we can try one option: they want involvement. Therefore, you need to make sure that you take into account the social relationship between you two, to make a gift that is intimate enough - but not out of place.


Birthday/ name day gift ideas for girlfriend or wife

Wife or girlfriend - your partner deserves the best every day. But all the more so for her birthday, in which the whole Universe should juggle in such a way as to please her. Before you start looking for gift ideas for your birthday girlfriend, ask yourself the following: what can I offer her so that she constantly remembers me?

Sometimes it can be a perfume - maybe a limited edition of her favorite perfume. Or a watch identical to yours, but feminine. A trip for two is not a discarded idea, nor is it a piece of jewelry - consider offering a smart piece of jewelry that will store your memories. And so give as a gift not just a gift: give a story.

Birthday/ name day gift ideas for your mother

If you could shout, with a huge spokesperson, one word for your Mother, what would that be? We think that the word "Thank you" would easily tremble on your lips. Mother deserves the World - and even if you can't give it to her as a gift, you can make sure you give her a tailored gift every year for her birthday. Set aside the tiny gifts - they deserve more.

Think about it: your mother deserves relaxation and rest. Give her a moment of pampering at the spa, for example. Or, she may have been complaining for months that her phone is no longer working - pay attention to her needs, even if she doesn't always verbalize them. A piece of jewelry is always a perfect gift for your mother - especially if it comes from you, she will be deeply impressed by your gift.


Birthday/ name day gift ideas for daughter 

Your daughter is always there for you - and when you look at her, you probably see yourself. A younger, happier and purer version of you, right? That's why the gift you give her must be jovial, delicate and effervescent - just like her. Take into account her passions: does she like to put on make-up? Give her a makeup course. Is she passionate about jewelry? Give her some smart earrings. Remember: your daughter's age also matters. Make sure you make the right gift for his age.

Birthday/ name day gift ideas for niece

Your niece becomes, from the moment she is born, a kind of daughter - you protect and pamper her just like her parents. So, when her birthday / name day comes, give her a gift that meets her wishes.

Many times, children come with the most intense desires to uncles and aunts, not to parents - so please them. For her birthday, pamper her a little more. Don't forget: mugs with the "best niece" are not a gift option.


Birthday/ name day gifts ideas for sister/ sister-in-law

If you are looking for gifts for your sister or sister-in-law (who is, in fact, also a kind of sister to you), remember: it's okay to ask "what do you want?". However, if you want to go safe with one thing, we guarantee you something: it's not okay to offer money. Even if it's tempting. Rather, she turns the money into a gift voucher at her favorite clothing or bookstore. No voucher at a beauty salon would displease him, for sure.


Birthday/ name gifts ideas for colleague/ boss

Spend 8 hours a day with them. So you probably already know their wishes - how many times during work breaks do they not look at… bags? Or at a new watch. Therefore, take into account their wishes - and take into account their needs in the office: if they are extremely passionate about planning: give them a new agenda as a gift, for example.


Birthday/ name day gift ideas for godmother/ daughter

Your godmother/ daughter deserves, of course, all the best - and a gift is the ideal way to say "you can always count on me". If you do not want to make a classic gift, such as a bag or a watch, you can opt for a gift that involves both partners - a spa session, for example. But don't forget: you want to show your gratitude with a gift, so make it count.


Birthday/ name day gift ideas for a friend

Your best friend is also a kind of "soul mate", if we think about it. Therefore, the gift you give him must be personal, meaningful, not a standard and plastic gift. A personalized piece of jewelry is the ideal way to say "I'm with you at every step" - and if it's a smart piece of jewelry, it can even say it (literally).

Birthday/ name day gift ideas for men taking into account the social relationship

Those who have not given gifts to a man so far may be tempted to say that "it is certainly much easier than for women." Well, you'd be surprised: finding gift ideas for men is no easy task. But we want to help you with some gift ideas for men depending on the social relationship between you, because this aspect is the most important.


Birthday/ name days gift ideas for husband or boyfriend

He. The pillar, the courage, the confidence. Sometimes - maybe, often, the rational half. Because emotions steal from you more easily. When we talk about an ideal gift for your husband or boyfriend, we are talking about a different gift. I mean, don't give him something that his parents would give him, for example.

Think about the passions he has: when he was little, maybe he wanted to do… off-road! You can give him such an experience as a gift. Or, if your boyfriend tastes your romance, you can offer him some smart buttons, personalized with your story - so, he will always carry you lui in his hand. And in thought, of course.


Grandpa's birthday/ name day gift ideas

Your grandfather is the one who pampered you the most. Therefore, now it is your turn to pamper him: offer him that massage chair that he may not "endure" to give the money. Or better yet - send him on a vacation for a few days. How long has he not been in one? Or maybe it never was.


Birthday/ name day gift ideas for brother

Your brother - the guardian, the helper, your best friend. Whether he's smaller or bigger than you, brother will always be your support shoulder, right? So give him a gift that matters - and no, we're not talking about a cup of "best brother in the world." Get him a stylish wallet or maybe a new case for his laptop. We don't think any smartwatch would bother him, and men's jewelry is an even more excellent choice, downright premium.

Birthday/ name day gift ideas for dad

For better or for worse, right? That's the relationship with my father. Maybe he's your model in life. One thing is for sure: dads really deserve special gifts. He will tell you that "he doesn't want anything", but it's definitely not like that - no matter what gift you give your father, make sure it's something unique, premium, truly quality. Many times, parents "can't bear" to give money for things for them, because they offer it to you. So it remains your duty to invest in quality things for them.


Gifts ideas for a friend's birthday/ name day

What was that English saying, "partners in crime"? Of course, so is the relationship between you and your best friend - and it should be easy for him to give him a present, because maybe you know him better than anyone.

Pay attention to the wishes and needs he mentions throughout the year: he has certainly told you so far that he would like a drone. Or that he would like better headphones. You can even make a gift that only you two know about: a personalized piece of jewelry.

An office colleague's birthday gift ideas

Your office colleague is also the one with whom you probably laugh the most during the day, but with whom you also share the burden. And difficult tasks. So make her a gift that will make her office life easier: maybe a professional planner or some headphones that cancel out the noise. And so that he doesn't complain that he has a very poor quality of the webcam, give him a gift and change it. Or… how about a premium office chair? Because he keeps complaining of back pain.


Why give a smart storage jewelry as a birthday/ name day gift?

How many words do you need to say differently… "I love you", "thank you" or "I remember when ..."? Sometimes you don't even need words. It takes emotion transmitted like that, simply. For something else. That's why, for us, a smart jewel does this: it brings emotion. Simply and nothing more. Here's why a smart piece of jewelry is the perfect birthday present:

  • although it is a material gift, it turns, in time, into a memory.
  • it is simply memorable, unique, unique. How no one has.
  • it's a personal and intimate gift that says "I'm really thinking about you"
  • it can be customized however you want, with a text message, picture, video, audio, link or document and you can see the messages just by touching the jewelry with the phone.