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NFC technology in a nutshell or the power of a touch with the phone

Data: 01/10/2021 | Reading time: 2 minutes | Views: 650

We can reach others through our words, our thoughts, or our blessings. But did you know that the force of a touch has been resized by modern technology? We can, with a simple touch of the phone of an object, to access a huge universe of information, messages and stories.

I am writing to you, dear visitors of my blog, this article, to explain to you, in warm lines, how my gifts are built and why at a simple touch of the phone by them, a whole world unfolds before your eyes and in the corners your soul?

Anyoli gifts are made with the help of a patented technology used worldwide since about 2004. You can find it even in ordinary access cards in the office building where you worked or even in the access token in the block where you live.

Although it may seem difficult to understand, the technology is quite simple and harmless - basically, two devices meet as two hands meet in a greeting. One of the devices contains a label, the other a reader.

  • Tags contain a small amount of memory, a series of circuits, and a small antenna. These are very thin devices that can be inserted into plastic cases or even pasted on documents or flyers. They don't need batteries to work: they get their energy from the devices you touch or approach, using induction.
  • Label readers can understand the information stored on such a label. The most common such tag readers of this type are smartphones.

In the context in which the discussions about chips are quite heated in the public space, I would be happy if you would remember the following aspects related to our technology:

  • it is a harmless technology; it does not have implemented security standards apart from the fact that such connections are made only within a radius of a few centimeters;
  • does not involve monitoring or storing either personal data or data on your bank card;
  • you already use it if you synchronize your phone with the audio system of your car;
  • you may have already crossed paths with similar labels on a restaurant menu, on a product advertisement, or, as I told you above, in the car.

Although you can read more about the entire Anyoli universe on the About Us page, we would be happy to contact you directly if you have any questions or concerns.

I will definitely answer you.