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And in one touch, Nature was made - the Nature collection and a story

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It seems that we have become accustomed to keeping our emotions under control. We are talking about control, about discipline, but these coordinates should not even exist when we talk about Emotion. The emotion is touch, caress, the joy of the first flowering tree. Of the first lazy snowflake. Joy is mountain air. Feel? Do you feel like emotions become more and more powerful with their association with Nature?

We should talk more about this - about how we need Nature, this new superior entity, everyone - and about how nature itself inserts the deepest emotions into us. Don't you miss your grandparents' green yard? The porch on which you rested happily after a day of school. The living forest behind the house. Nature is emotion - and we at Anyoli want to bring joy closer to you. This is how the Nature collection was born. From a story, from a desire, from a game.

Just as the perfection of nature is born of imperfect things, so are the stones in the Anyoli Nature collection. Just as there is no flower on earth that resembles another, so the stones are unique in their shape or color. We are inspired by nature, because she is the one who teaches us that events cannot always be controlled and sometimes all we have to do is look at life exactly like spectators.

Nature opens its arms to the rays of the sun just as we open our hearts to our loved ones. Just as nature follows its course regardless of the events that take place, so our soul must follow its feelings for miracles to take place. - Nadia Visan, the heart behind Anyoli

Listening a little more carefully on Nadia's words, we finally realize: we are fascinated by nature because we look a lot like her. We follow the course of our life just as nature does. And the connection we have with the natural environment is much deeper than we can now understand - we associate nature with our first home, and rightly so. We will always feel the call of Her - of our living space, of the mountain, of the sea, the call of our grandmother's flower garden.

Of course, nature can sometimes seem against us. He's sending us storms. Or floods. That is why we like to believe that Nature is like a mother: she loves us, she holds us in her arms. But sometimes they argue with us - it's normal, how much nonsense we did when we were little. Sometimes he gets upset. But her love still burns there, stronger than any other feeling in the world.

One nature and one story

Let's unravel the thread of a Greek story together. Did you know that in Greek mythology, the god Apollo is the god of light? That is, one of the most important natural coordinates. But there is something else: Apollo is not only the god of light, but also the god of poetry and fine arts. We might be surprised by this, wondering what light, nature has to do with poetry. But even the Greeks were aware of the immensity of nature in space: nature is philosophy. It's just poetry, and that's what I said. In fact, there is always something to say… that's how it is in poetry.


Nature collection and the last thought

At Anyoli, the jewelry you can wear is called live jewelry. Even this name, strongly anchored in metaphors, refers to the natural space.

I am a person who is constantly looking for pure emotions and seeks to give joy to the people around her. And how else can you please a man than by giving him a part of you, a part of your soul? So, we started from the premise that, although there is no 100% perfect gift, there is the possibility to be able to inspire with a picture, a message, a video or even the Bible, a jewel, so that the recipient has you close, regardless situation or distance.

I had used the NFC system before thinking about this new project called Anyoli and with its help I managed to fulfill my "mission" to be the messenger of joy. All you have to do is touch the phone jewel, and thanks to the NFC system built into the latest generation phones, the recipient can see what you want to convey. - Nadia Visan, the soul of Anyoli

And the Nature collection simply metamorphoses emotions and seals the connection between Man, Emotion and the Creative Space - that is Nature. We were created in nature and we are embraced by her daily, if we allow her. And this Nature collection wants: to bring man even closer to the joy of a spring flower, to the cold winter air, to the first copper leaf. With the help of each piece in the collection, you will feel closer to the House and more connected to yourself.