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Open letter for Dragobete

Data: 24/02/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes | Views: 12444

More than ever, today, behind a keyboard, but with a heart rooted in hope, we write to you, by Dragobete, our dear world.

I am writing to you because Anyoli was created to remind you, dear world, of light.

We are writing to you because we want to better place hundreds of millions of pieces of soul in you. But in order to do this, we need you whole, bright, flourishing.

Why on the day of love do we write to you, the great world, a declaration of love?

Because, today, you, our great world, you need love and you call us in the most beautiful mission - to help humanity open its soul and believe. To believe that we can sow love, light, hope and faith.

We can.

We know, times are complicated for you, our dear world, but here at Anyoli we have a theory - which you may have heard before. It is good to do everything you can to be a messenger of good. We do not know otherwise, even if yes, others know.

Our pact is to resemble you with light, to open you, to fulfill you through joy, gratitude, peace, love.

Our dear world, we promise you, here and now, that we will be present, in all the moments when you will need us.

We will celebrate your holidays, heroes and heroines with aplomb and gratitude.

We will sing your soul and we will take you, from heart to heart, the stories, the cramps of emotion that make us, fundamentally, live. Let us truly live in gratitude and mystery. The crampons that help us see our greatness and beauty.

We will recognize all your little tribulations of happiness. Every summer day, every leaf rustle, every wave noise.

We will take care to remind people that they need to tell each other what they feel, how they feel and why.

We will take care to show them through everything we do, that it is good to rise above adversity and to realize that, without the other, united, we are a little. Too little.

We will be your messengers of light and souls.

Dear world, on Dragobete, I, Anyoli, am writing to tell you that you have a strong ally in us.

We know what we have to do - keep you clothed in your soul. With our souls.

Only then will you, the world, be able to flourish. With us. Tall, dignified, full of love.


With love, Anyoli