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Letter of March 8

Data: 08/03/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes | Views: 10403

Don't forget that you are a drop of water. Flow smoothly and calmly thinking carefully about how to solve any problem.

Don't forget you're ice. Strong and clean, you support an entire family.

Don't forget that you are earth. Everything from you bore fruit, and if you were not, nothing would have existed because we would not have been born.

Don't forget you're a fire. Without doing harm, you burn hard for what you want, for what you love, for the help you want to offer. And you succeed.

Don't forget that you are a tear, sincere and warm that slowly falls over the cheek of life, overcoming obstacles, fighting through problems, enjoying miracles and being sad for all the things you can't control.

Don't forget you're a hug. You supported all your loved ones in your arms when they fell, tired. You caressed Sadness every time they cried on your shoulder and that's how you turned it into Happiness, Peace.

Don't forget that you are power. You have the ability to move mountains for what you want and change black to white when you feel it is worth it.

Don't forget you're human. You are allowed to make mistakes when you are not sure what to do next and you are allowed to cry in front of the trials you are subjected to and you feel that you never face them again.

Don't forget that you are the moment. Happy or sad, simple or complex, is part of your life. You have to enjoy it.

Don't forget you're a moment. Choose well how you want to live it.

Don't forget that you are life. Dozens of moments. Hundreds of moments. Millions of sensations. One pure soul: You.


Happy Birthday, Mother!

Happy Birthday, woman!