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Sealing connections through living gifts - two buttons, a story

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We are couples in the world. This is no longer a secret. And not only us, but also the rest of the animals, the plants, everything is made to be divided in two. We remain extremely important individuals, but when we are couples, we can conquer the world. Where are the two, the power increases - isn't that how I learned from my childhood games? So are the buttons on the shirt.

In fact, a single button would do you no good. That's why the buttons form an indestructible pair - which means much more than you think. Buttons seal the bonds - and they are also a symbol of the bonds between us: strong, inseparable, indestructible. We think it's worth talking more about this accessory.


The living gift for him

Although they can be successfully worn by both women and men, in the first part of our story we want to relate to the male sex. Buttons are the ideal living gift for Him - whether we are talking about father, partner, brother. Or maybe just about a business partner. The reason? Buttons hide so many meanings! Giving a teenager his first pair of cufflinks simply says "you're a man now."

A refined man will always appreciate an impeccable pair of cufflinks. And when it comes to live buttons, we know for sure one thing: offer a story worn on the shirt. He will remember you during all the sessions. And we believe that this is the supreme declaration of love - to think of you when he is busy.

Just as a pair of cufflinks brings together two separate parts of the cuff, so Anyoli cufflinks bring together two worlds - the elegant and starving one and the gentle and meaningful one of the messages transmitted directly from the soul. A messenger of admiration, of good wishes, of encouragement - Anyoli enlivens the buttons and seals ties - of friendship, of love, of business. Because that's what all heartfelt messages do - they keep you close. Like living buttons. - Nadia Visan, the soul of the live buttons from Anyoli

Of course, as I said, buttons are the ideal gift for her too - if she is the strong, independent woman who has made her way in the world alone. And who made his own world. See how fascinating the meaning of the buttons is? They can represent masculinity, power, growth, evolution - but they can mean what you want them to mean, if you choose to incorporate a story into them. A message, a photo. A thought.

I am a person who is constantly looking for pure emotions and seeks to give joy to the people around her. And how else can you please a man than by giving him a part of you, a part of your soul? So, we started from the premise that, although there is no 100% perfect gift, there is the possibility to be able to inspire with a picture, a message, a video or even the Bible, a jewel, so that the recipient has you close, regardless situation or distance.

I had used the NFC system before thinking about this new project called Anyoli and with its help I managed to fulfill my "mission" to be the messenger of joy. All you have to do is touch the phone jewel, and thanks to the NFC system built into the latest generation phones, the recipient can see what you want to convey. - Nadia Visan, the soul of Anyoli

At Anyoli, we incorporated in the living buttons three significant stones: Onyx, Tiger's Eye and Lapis Lazuli. I chose Onyx because it means strength and support; The tiger's eye is the stone of courage and energy, and Lapis Lazuli - a mesmerizing stone by its color - is the symbol of balance. Power, courage and balance - three coordinates that govern our lives and that we need all the time.

We can mention one more thing about the buttons - then we let you discover their magic yourself. Buttons mark the connection, the connection between people. You can't lose a button, can you? If you lose it, the other becomes vaguely useless - it can no longer be used as such. So are relationships with some people. If you lose them, it will get harder and harder. So cufflinks are simply a metaphor for interpersonal relationships: you have to fight to keep them alive - you have to fight for the cufflinks not to separate, to stay together as long as possible. United in a dance of conquest sophistication and familiarity. The pair of cufflinks, like interpersonal relationships, must be maintained, taken care of: they cannot be lost, ruined and, above all, forgotten.

The connection is the invisible bridge that connects two or more souls. Finding the person with whom you feel you have a connection is becoming increasingly difficult these days. Therefore, we want to help people solidify their connections so that they do not get lost, do not ruin themselves and especially do not look. - Nadia Visan