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Christmas gift ideas for women

Data: 13/12/2021 | Reading time: 8 minutes | Views: 13528

Is the season.

… Or, in Romanian, “come, Holidays, come”. And if you have reached this page, it means that you are looking for special gifts for the women in your life. You've come to the right place. We are not really Santa's elves, but we are professional givers and we have gathered ideas and inspiration for you to pass the holiday praise: to impress them and help them understand how important they are to you.


What are the most important criteria in choosing a Christmas gift for women and girls?

Age. Personality. The relationship you have with them - these are the three classic criteria by which you can orient yourself when you have to choose a gift for the women in your life.

In addition to these three coordinates, it adds another equally important one: the soul.

The most beautiful gifts are memorable, they are gifts-memories, which incorporate tears of joy, emotion, feeling, memory and, regardless of their physical form, give rise to stories that begin with "Do you remember when you gave me that first ring? ”. And what better gift can you give than a story?


Christmas gift ideas for woman according to age

Of course, we often hear "years don't matter," and maybe that's true. But when it comes to buying gifts, it does matter. Age and passion are well-founded reasons that allow us to make inspired choices when it comes to gifts. As Coco Chanel used to say - the things you don't need in your youth, they become invaluable gifts in old age.


Christmas presents for 20 year old women

What could you do wrong at the age of 20 when it comes to Christmas presents? To reassure you, nothing more. Just to worry about, almost everything. The period between 20 and 30 years is the period in which our growth and evolution are the fastest, it is a kind of golden age that is the basis of the way our life will look over 20 or 30 years. So, the way a woman is perceived is vital - and the most appropriate gift you can give her is to help, support and encourage her in this growth and development.

You can choose mastersclasses, trainings, personal development books and signatures that you can crown with a smart jewel loaded with a message of support and encouragement - I believe in you and I am sure you will fulfill your dreams.


Christmas presents for 30 year old women

At 30, a woman knows what she wants or should know. He knows what he needs and, especially, what he does NOT need. His tastes are already formed, and concepts such as limits and potential are not foreign to him. The perfect gift for 30-year-old women is one that connects quality, self-esteem, evolution and performance.

Smart necklaces, with natural, timeless and precious pearls, stand as a testimony of the love you carry for the person whose presence brings shine to your life, just as a pearl brings the shine of a necklace.

Christmas gifts for 40 year old women

It is said that women live, at the age of 40, psychologically a second adolescence. If a century ago, 40-year-old women were preparing for old age, today they are rediscovering new resources of enthusiasm and reasons to live and experience life.

So do not hesitate to offer her a smart gemstone gemstone - in addition to the personal message that you can put in the jewelry with the help of our patented technology, you can adapt the choice of stone to the personality of the wearer.

Christmas gifts for 50 year old women

A Gallup study of 340,000 people, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and quoted by The Telegraph, shows that people are happier and less stressed after the age of 50, the explanation being that emotions such as anger, anxiety or sadness varies over time, in intensity, in a similar way in women and men and decreases with age, against the background of life experience. So, to the women of 50 years of your life, you can try to offer them trips to places where they have never arrived, a cooking class, a new gadget or a smart jewel to encourage them to try something new and pass them on. how much you appreciate and admire them.


Christmas gifts for 60 year old women

Wisdom comes with age, and if you don't believe it, there are studies that confirm it. Research shows that as we age, people become more confident and more satisfied with their own lives, as it is, the explanation being that older people are able to overcome pride, competition, the need to be the most good. It is also interesting that at the age of 60 people have high levels of self-confidence, due to a more stable environment. During this time, they formed strong relationships, reached a certain level of career and helped their children to become independent adults. In conclusion, researchers say that the age of 60 is the happiest and most relaxed period of a person's life. In this context, a suitable Christmas gift for a 60-year-old lady could:

  • to be related to comfort - you could try pajamas, bathrobes made of precious materials, scented candles or niche bath sets;
  • to encourage her to try new things and to explore cities or countries she has not visited - for example excursions and city breaks;
  • to come as a recognition of all the effort he has put in so far - including our smart jewelry.

Christmas gifts for women taking into account the social relationship

Don't buy the same gifts for your sister as for your girlfriend. The women in your life like to know that they are unique and that they have their own place in your universe. Therefore, it is important to find out what they want and connect these details with what they mean to you. For example, we are grateful to mothers, we are protective with our sisters or we approach them with relaxed gratitude, and for our friends we want to be a real support. So, our suggestion is to clearly establish what each woman in your life represents and, depending on the role she plays, to choose the right gift.


Christmas gifts for girlfriend or wife

A bumjee-jumping session or a luxury bag. A romantic getaway or a smart gem, a good book or a personal development masterclass. We can go on and on. However, the golden rule in choosing a gift according to your girlfriend or wife must remain authentic. We fight for gifts made from the heart, crowned by thoughts of recognition that build invisible bridges between people and that create connections between souls indefinitely. We believe that such attention offered from the bottom of the heart does not know the notion of time, it manages to persist by overcoming it. Such a gift remains eternally fresh, settling, first of all, in the mind and soul of the recipient.


Christmas presents for mom

Finding a special gift for mom can be difficult, especially when - if she's like our moms - she'll never tell you exactly what she wants or says she already has everything - which is why we've put together gift suggestions for mom here , to make sure, as professional givers - that you managed to make her smile for the holidays.


Christmas gifts ideas for daughter

Girls start to fall in love with shopping from an early age and appreciate the little ideas that make their lives more exciting. It is not easy for parents to find a perfect gift for their 12, 14 or 15 year old daughter. Surprise her, regardless of age, not only with objects, but also with a beautiful and deep gesture - with a smart jewel, in which to load a personal message, through which to show her that you love her and that you appreciate her for all her efforts. deposited.

Christmas gifts for sister/ sister in law

In most cases, our sister is one of our best friends, we know her closely and very well her preferences in terms of anything, we know very well what her passions, hobbies or ways to relax are. In terms of Christmas gifts we can choose a photo frame with an image with you in the family or a special decoration, which will bring joy and well-being. Clothes, jewelry, underwear, cosmetics, kitchen and household items can all be a good sister gift idea. But, the most important aspect of Christmas gifts is that they are chosen with the soul, depending on what he wants or needs at that time.


Christmas gifts for colleague/ boss

Depending on the relationship you have with your boss and if you know a few details about it, it should not be extraordinarily difficult to find a gift that suits his tastes and context. Adapt according to the company's policy - which you must follow. You can choose a USB humidifier for the office, rare perfume samples or an exfoliating and skin care device or you can go for an original gift, made from the heart, a jewel-smart in which to load a message of appreciation - that message which you always wanted to tell but never found the context.

Christmas gift ideas for godmother

Did you know that godparents are considered - traditionally - spiritual parents for the fine? What this means? It means that, at a certain level, the quality of the connection between you will be reflected in the quality of your marriage - if we are to judge by the traditional canons. But nowadays, we choose our godparents from very close friends. As a result, either go for gifts such as scented candles or bed linen or you can as well, give him a personalized jewel-intelligence with a message to thank him that he is with you for better or worse.


Christmas gift ideas for girls

That girls like to receive gifts is out of the question. When choosing gifts for girls, it is important to consider their age and preferences. Depending on the young girl's age, you can choose gifts - funny ideas or practical things. Make sure they will bring smiles on their lips, a lot of enthusiasm and happiness.


What Christmas present can you give to a pregnant woman?

Between the hormonal storms and the worries inherent in the period, make sure that you give your future mother both something useful and something pleasant. He will probably receive diapers, clothes, toys, advice :) and confessions. We suggest you pamper her with a massage session, organic lingerie, books or workshops on child care; or give him a jewel-intelligence, in which to gather messages from the whole gang of friends. For a mother at the beginning of the road, it is important to know that she has people by her side who love and support her.

Why give a smart jewelry as a Christmas gift for a woman?

Smart jewelry uses a patented technology, through which the jewelry wearer can scan the pendant with the help of the phone. When scanning it, a text, video or photo message will appear on the phone. Basically, you can give his girlfriend a piece of jewelry that, when he scans, he can pass on to her ... the date you first saw each other. Or, why not, her favorite photo with you two together. Because at times, the words are "too little" - and a photo can express more. Basically, a smart piece of jewelry incorporates emotions. What better gift than that?

  • Jewelry is more than a "purchase" - it is a real investment, whose value can even increase over time. So, a gift that will last for years and that, why not, will pass from one generation to another and you will be able to create as a kind of diary of this family heritage jewelry, so that once you reach your grandchildren, they can learn directly from you the story of the ring or the buttons. Cool, right?
  • Smart jewelry is highly customizable - you can upload your message to your jewelry with patented technology, which means that your partner, girlfriend or mother will always carry your words with him / her. Sounds good, doesn't it? When you can't find your words, offer a piece of jewelry to express them - jewelry is the most elegant word we have at our disposal. You can say "thank you for being here" or "I love you" especially if you choose a smart piece of jewelry that has your message embedded in it. A piece of jewelry can say what you choose to say - after all, nothing shouts more "forever" than diamonds or pearls, right?