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Longing hurts but just until our gifts with life

Data: 02/11/2021 | Reading time: 5 minutes | Views: 11484

For the first time, in Romania, a study made by a medical team warns us that longing has become for many a condition that prevents them from truly enjoying life. And, like all diseases, it would need treatment. The first targeted are those who live far from the country and family or single people.

This is how a news item starts from the main News Journal of the day, from ProTv. And, although we may not compare ourselves in analysis tools with the experts who developed this behavior, which is said to have a linguistic equivalent only in Romanian, we dare to ask - how many times, so far, have you tried that indefinite state? , sweet-bitter, of melancholy and desire, a strongly melancholy and nostalgic feeling after something "that was" or someone "that is far away"?

Psychologically, longing is a universal feeling. Anyone who has become attached to someone experiences longing. But the Romanians are the only ones who have a specific word to name this amalgam of feelings. People can experience many types of longing. It is about the longing coming from attachment, the longing for romantic and erotic causes, the longing for the country. In other words, people can miss both another person and when they lack past life situations.

What is the psychological explanation for the longing?

To miss someone you need to get emotionally involved. To give time, to give affection, to do beautiful things and to live memorable moments. You need to have an emotional life of great diversity and with many shades.

But there are also people who do not have an emotional culture and do not know how to express their longing. They are more anxious, more nervous, they just say that they are not feeling well, that there is something wrong with them, or that they have a state of malaise. In fact, it is an unconscious or masked longing that consumes the personality.

Is there any antidote to longing?

The intensity of longing can be kept under control by periodic exposure to the factor that generates it.

In other words, longing for the country is also relaxed if people come home at satisfactory intervals, and the other types of longing are relaxed through interaction with the person who generates the longing.

If this is no longer possible, the longing can reach an intensity similar to suffering. People who go through this often say, "I wish I didn't miss it." But not to miss means not to get emotionally involved, not to live with anyone, not to give time or trust to anyone.

What do we have to do to make longing more bearable?

Starting from the above ideas, longing can become more bearable if you periodically expose yourself to the factor that generates it. But isn't that what makes our gift alive? The Anyoli gift that is born from the connection, from investing a strong emotion in this connection? And given this recurrence of longing and, implicitly, exposure to "treatment," it would be fair to say that, in fact, you don't need a specific reason to give a living gift that you can turn into a gift. medicine for longing and loads exactly with the emotions you want to relive?

Here comes into the story our modern technology through which you can literally upload, in any object, messages - text, picture, video, audio, link or documents of any kind, even the Bible (missing audio, that's the wording we want), which you can read -> view with a touch of the gift -> mobile phone jewelry. Therefore, each Anyoli gift can be loaded with a part of your soul, thus turning into a living gift. Because we really give when we give a part of ourselves. And because just as we can be in perpetual longing, we can give ourselves the new "medicine" for longing.

So, what is your longing for Anyoli looking for?