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How to make Christmas every day?

Data: 15/12/2021 | Reading time: 3 minutes | Views: 6659

Christmas with smart storage or gateway to a sacred time

What if you could record Christmas and see it in years to come? Okay, maybe not all Christmas, but the most interesting parts such as the reactions of loved ones, the decoration of the Christmas tree, the arrangement of the Christmas table. Pieces of these unique and precious moments that are often lost in the waves of the years, remaining in our soul like a steam, a memory that we access, at times with the eyes of the soul…

In order to evoke them, I invented ~ Anyoli ~ and combined technology with art to turn an object into an emotion. There are moments when words have no meaning because a perfect gift is an emotion from the heart, an unforgettable memory and a jewel that can incorporate both. Such a jewel exceeds the limits of a simple jewel and is digitally personalized with the help of a text message, picture, video, audio, link or document of any type. Every piece of jewelry on the site has NFC technology implemented. This makes it possible to view the message on your phone once you touch the stone of the jewellry with it. Basically, you make a unique, lively, meaningful gift. A simple but fascinating process - just imagine your mother's joy if you gave her a necklace that actually hides a dear photo you took together. We can translate this feeling into one word: tears. Emotion.

And the strongest of all is the love we celebrate, in its supreme form - gratitude - at every Christmas.

We spread these thoughts here, both to celebrate our "Love" collection, but also to highlight how we, modern people, can mark, with the help of the hearty Anyoli jewelry, the sacred time of Christmas.


Sunteti familiari cu teoria spatiului sacru a lui Mircea Eliade? Are you familiar with Mircea Eliade's theory of sacred space?

He said that time, like space, is neither homogeneous nor continuous for the religious man. There are intervals of sacred time (holiday time, liturgical time), there is, on the other hand, profane time, the usual temporal duration, in which the unimportant acts of religious significance are inscribed. In this sacred time, we enter the holidays, it being marked with certain clues. What if our jewelry were such a clue? That of entering a sacred time of the Christmas table, of decorating the Christmas tree, of the joy of those around you?

Love is manifested especially in these days, along with faith. Love is a color palette. We need it permanently, being the feeling that lifts us to the sky, that embraces us in moments of decline, that protects us in the moments when we need a shoulder on which to leave our souls tired. We need to feel appreciated and important, to feel that we belong to an idyllic, pure, infinite love.

It is enough to capture these small moments, to climb them in the jewelry with smart storage and, at a sign, they can become talismans that can always open the way to this sacred time - the reversible time, which has no beginning or end. Because the essence of life is love, Anyoli celebrates it every day through the jewelry from the Love collection, a collection that stands out through the love of beauty, imperfect love, love through small gestures that make our soul huge and help us penetrate sacred time and space.

Three hearts for sacred time

If we were to choose the talismans of the sacred time of Christmas, from the Love collection, we would stop at:


Heart of pearl

For example, the Perla mother of pearl necklace has a special spirit. It is enough to look at it and to know who it is intended for, what memories you can upload there, what time you want to access, where you want to go. So it is with this string of classic pearls, perfectly balanced by a mini-pendant, made of yellow gold, with the heart of Mother Pearl enthroned like an anchor.

Hearts with hearts

The LOVE necklace, a long string of pearls pierced by the soft and subtle presence of the heart - a symbol of the infinite protection conferred by pearls and sustained by pure love, love that comes from the soul, and not from the mind. This necklace represents the energetic metaphor of durability and protection. Apotropaic circle of pearls and heart stabilizing pillars.

Opal heart

Our classic pearl statement necklace is, in this version, energetically enlivened by a detachable mini-pendant, made of yellow gold, with pink Opal, a stone that helps the wearer to reveal his full potential, gives it charm and beauty, charisma and self-confidence and last but not least, luck and wealth, physical energy and relaxation.