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How do you bring Christmas stories to life for your baby with our patented technology?

Data: 17/12/2021 | Reading time: 3 minutes | Views: 9743

Love, although it comes in various forms, is always the same size - we can't love more or less, how can you not ask a mother if she loves her first or second child more, right? Love is a color palette. We need it permanently, being the feeling that lifts us to the sky, that embraces us in moments of decline, that protects us in the moments when we need a shoulder on which to leave our souls tired.

We need to feel appreciated and important, to feel that we belong to an idyllic, pure, infinite love. And, as Mircea Eliade said, love as a sacred feeling is best felt during the Holidays, when profane time stops and is replaced by sacred time, whose special flow feels "as if time stands still."

And, to honor the spirit of Christmas, in this short article, we share how Christmas stories can come to life with the help of patented technology.


What if Santa's voice was loaded into each gift received by the little one?

And, at the mere touch of the phone, would a soft, warm voice tell him the story of Christmas, a prayer to protect him, or a parable full of stories? And what if that story changed daily and your baby waited for Santa every night at story time?

Or even better, would you guide the little one through all the festive moments of winter with stories about the day and the Christmas tree, about the first snow or about the New Year, Baba Winter and Epiphany? So no chance to get bored of so much Christmas.

How do you upload these stories into an Anyoli jewelry?

Very simple:

  • Access the website and create an account
  • Choose from our collections of smart jewelry, the jewelry that would suit the small earrings with pearls, for girls or cufflinks for boys
  • Mention the child's name and where you want the gift to be sent.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can pick it up yourself and tell the little one how Mosul has left him a living gift, full of stories that regenerate every day. And you, every evening, will be next to him to listen together to the story that Mosul has left in its jewel.

What is actually happening? During the day, you can update the messages you upload to the platform and, thus, your child will receive news from Mosul every evening. Thanks to the data on things technology, patented by the brand founded by Nadia Visan (who went from training as a doctor to working in advertising to then fully express her creativity with the help of this concept), you can now give a gift which can carry a message, i.e. a video, photos, your voice or even an important document.

What stories would we upload if we were you?

Santa would tell the story of Hans Christian Andersen's "Twelve Passenger Postcard," then the Brothers Grimm's "The Leprechauns and the Shoemaker," Selma Lagerlof's "Holy Christmas Night," Lev Tolstoy's "Santa Panov and the Wonders of Christmas," Letter from Santa Claus ”by Mark Twain. Can you imagine the happiness on your child's face when he magically listens to the story, thinking that Santa is talking to him?

That's how we build magic at Anyoli. We are waiting for you in our ranks.

With love,

Anyoli, the Messenger of the Gods, the bringer of living gifts